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Facilities and Equipment Management CMM Software.

  • Every step of the way we have the tools and experts to assist and support you in a sustainable management strategy that improves profitability. Experts with direct industry experiences managing MRO (Maintenance Repair Operations) that have generated millions of dollars in product and process cost savings per year.

  • As an additional service, we can assist in evaluating your processes, Supply Chain, and Environmental Strategies.

    • Inventory Management
    • National Procurement Platforms
    • Green Strategic Sustainability Auditing
    • Cost Savings Strategies
    • Maintenance Engineering
    • Maintenance Planning
    • Systems Maintenance Strategy
    • Inventory Optimization
  • In addition to the detailed online quick reference guide we offer 2 solutions for your training needs…

    1. On-Site 2 day full training course for up to 8 students per class. Recommended for complete customer managed setup and conversion situations and for ‘train the trainer’
    2. Quick start web X on line training held at your convenience. With your data preloaded typically this course is preferred
  • 24hr / 365  on line help desk and work instructions with links to what you need to do. If that is not enough then utilize our Customer Service direct connect via Email or by Phone.

Simple Process, Easy Implementation and Quick Timeline

1. Plan and Organize

We complete a formal interview to understand your business structure and needs.

  • Interview to understand you business structure
  • Document reporting responsibilities.
  • Create a set up strategy that matches your way of managing your business.
  • Organize  and define the data to implement your plan.

2. Configure and Load information

We provide simple data templates in excel format. We use the information gathered to:

  • Configure your web database and structure
  • Setup system hierarchy  and core structure
  • Complete first data load into system
  • Work with you to load maintenance tasks
  • Start your maintenance schedule

3. Implement Schedule and Train Associates

We will set up and implement the initial maintenance schedule so that training is completed using familiar information in a real situation:

  • Pre-load first task and kick start your schedule
  • Provide hard copy manuals
  • Provide on-line manuals
  • Complete web training session with associates
  • Provide web and phone support