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Facilities and Equipment Management CMM Software.

The VMGroup inc. Background of 32 years of experience in MRO

VMGroup inc. was formed in 2009 bringing more than 30 years of direct industry and system development experience to the table. We are a result driven company that guarantees our service performance. Our mission is to deliver sustainable bottom line savings and profit opportunities to our customers. Vince Marino’s experience has taken him from small office process improvements for software and process streamlining, to supply chain solutions for 100 million dollar projects in more than six countries in North America and Europe.  Working with some of the most complicated system automation he has identified and implemented cost savings of Process Improvement, Product Improvements, Energy Savings, System Process Reengineering generating tens of millions of dollars of direct efficiencies providing customers year over year sustainable savings.  With a complete understanding of what makes business process and manufacturing work effectively, Vince Marino has pioneered concepts in Commodity Management, Integrated Supply, Supply Chain Management. He has developed the tools and disciplines to support statistical management. Incorporating R&M (Reliability and Maintainability) data into the Lifecycle Model bringing predictability to the manufacturing floor.

We are confident that we can identify efficiency and savings to your organization. In fact if we fail to identify real opportunities that do not generate a minimum of twice the cost of our services we will not charge for the consultation. All that we ask is that travel and lodging expenses are reimbursed at cost.

Formerly known as EPIC , MView360 emerged as a management tool for Automotive Facilities and Equipment. Engineered to manage multi dimensional MRO contracts for facilities and equipment in Automated Manufacturing  Environments. In a world where failure to perform can result in production down time, costing thousands of dollars per minute, a Pro-Active strategy and the ability to effectively manage Maintenance and Repair Operations is critical to profitability.

With more than 30 years of Industry and MRO experience, EPIC was developed in 2005 as the communication bridge between our Customers and our MRO Contract Management Deliverables. Because it was our tool, we designed the front end to be as user friendly as possible; making the system do the work behind the scenes for us. Part of our profitability was hinged on having a system that was capable of performing in a demanding environment; however it required a simple, straight forward, user friendly approach to accommodate the variety of customers and user skill sets. Our experience was that even the ‘best’ and most costly systems in the market were so difficult to learn and operate, that customers used them minimally or not at all. The added burden of yearly ‘upgrades’ and the training of new associates was an expensive cost of ownership.

Along the way our customers provided us with valuable feedback and requested improvements that simplified the process and the use of EPIC. We made the changes, as part of our commitment to Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement, we will continue to make the upgrades that  streamline your business.

Customers wanted our solutions in expanded markets without the tie to MRO contracts. As the parent company, the VMGroup inc. responded in 2009 by re-engineering EPIC as  MView360; a Stand alone solution for Managing Operations with a 360 degree view of Assets Managed (Facilities, Equipment, People, Inventory). Performance is measured to the standards and priorities that customers set. It was a with that idea that MView360 is currently being used at more than 51 locations, spanning 3 countries and 22 states.

Our mission is to have sustained growth by becoming a key part of our customer’s success. Your satisfaction and input are important to us. That is why we have a strong commitment to making the improvements that effect your bottom line.


Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals

Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals